Edge: Clans of Icosara, is a handdrawn strategic Collectible Card Game, where the players use dice to fight their battles.

Each player takes the role of the Warlord of their clan, to conquer the land and power of Icosara. As Warlord you must have a keen eye for positioning, troops, resources and strategy.

You will be choosing 8 troops from your respective clan to fight for you in the war. Each of your pawns is gifted with a special skill, each allowing for a unique strategy, depending on your formation.

A cunning Warlord will analyze the opponent the opponent formation, strategy and resources, choosing soldiers fit for dismantling his defense piece by piece – A brave Warlord will rely on his soldiers to each be strong and fit for combat, to turn around any battle they might face.

The battles are fought in turns. The opponent’s frontline against yours. With every strike, the players choose dice, high or low, to attack or defend. The battle will be decided by the combination of the soldiers abilities and the outcome of the die.

Only the winner of the battle survives, granting their Warlord a Victory Point. A step closer to his goal. Obtain more Victory Points than the opposing Warlord, and rule Icosara!


Defeat the opposing Warlord with your personally selected army!

Your Shieldbearer falls, shield broken and stomach pierced by the Sword of the opposing champion. You move your Archer into the frontline – Encouraged by your Priestess, he shoots an arrow at the Magician, covered against melee attacks. With an arrow in his chest, he falls. You watch as the Warlord frowns at the result. The loss of his Magician was not part of his plan. Desperately, he orders his Conqueror to battle to face your Monk – it was for this exact reason you kept your resources like you did!

With an empowered, overwhelming strike your Monk puts the Conqueror in the grave, exposing the opposing strategist. Rising to the occasion enters your Champion. He charges the Strategist and with a single swing of his sword the Strategist – The Savages only hope – is decapitated, securing your victory. Icosara is yours.

Print and Play

Check out the game for free in this preview version.

This is a little appetizer for what the finished game will become, changes might occur.

All these images is copyrighted © to Four04

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