Kickstarter Launch and Updates - Very exciting!

It is finally here. Our Kickstarter launched today!

Kickstarter / Project Update

It's been hard work to get it ready and we still have many elements we want to improve on, like showing of the final art and how the final game will look when complete but this will be the mission for December. Don't worry, we will let you know when there is bigger news but for all the details go to the kickstarter and follow it.

If you haven't already, now is the time to go pledge and help fund the project. Get your very own copy of the game. Link:


The campaign will run from 8.00 AM this morning the 2nd of December to 8.00 AM the 1st of January 2017.

We hope you will help us spread the message and please support the project. Only with your help will this game ever really get to live!

What is next?

So now we just kick back and wait for the game to be sold? NEVER! We promised to bring you a gameplay, behind the art and even an interview from our CEO. This is what we will be doing this coming week along with some minor corrections to the kickstarter.

Our art team will be hard at work completing the cards, boxes, rules and much more. We will be updating as often as we can.

Not only will we be giving updates via kickstarter and newsletters but also via Twitter and Facebook so if you haven't already, like and follow us at:

Pre-orders and the Print and Play

Preorders are now closed! If you waited too long to pledge, dont worry! Jump on the kickstarter and get your copy of the game!
Our website:
For any questions about the preorders, email to us at:

The Print and Play is still available to everyone at - You are welcome to share it with anyone with rights reserved.


In december we are going all out and will doing our best to get the game some press. Expect us to come looking all around Copenhagen for groups, shops and anything inbetween to play our game!

We will be updating these smaller events on our website and kickstarter.


our Kickstarter campaign is coming soon!

We will launch next week around Wednesday and give all a chance to get there hands on a first edition of the game, even at a discount. So sign up to the newsletter today so you dont miss out. Some version will only be available for a limited amount and time.



This weekend, we are attending Viking Con a danish board-game con with all the trimmings. We will be demoing EDGE:Clans of Icosara so come and take a look at the beautiful hand-drawn cards and try out the game. Compete in the tournament where one lucky / good player will win a free version of the final game. - If you cant come dont be disapointed. We will take a lot of pictures and video and will be posting it on our Youtube and Kickstarter for the game.


Our Website is running

Our website is now working and we even have two languages, danish and english